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Child support

Child Support Central
A site devoted to everything child support related
Child Support Info
Child Support guidelines, calculators, collection, enforcement, and modification, with articles and all 50 state laws.
Child support laws by state
Information on child support laws in different states in America. Also provides links and contact information. - A free resource for child support
Child support information, resources, and verified reports on deadbeat parents. State and federal child support agency listings for custodial parents. Pro se, pro per, and self-help resources available.
a comprehensive state-by-state divorce informational network
Maryland Child Support Calculator
Maryland child support calculator software to determine child support as used by Courts. Calculate child support, download legal forms or find a lawyer in Maryland.

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Our Family Wizard website
Our Family Wizard website - Online tools to help divorced parents communicate, schedule and share important family information.
Joint custody, co-parenting, shared custody and step family management

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Child Custody & Divorce Resources
State by state child custody & divorce resources for parents, grandparents, stepparents, professionals and companies.
Child Custody 911
A great research site with links to over 100 child custody websites.
Child Custody Parenting Plans including: Arrangements, Rights, Financial
Dr. Reena Sommer & Associates
Dr. Sommer is an internationally recognized divorce and custody consultant.
Kalamazoo County NCP support group
Click to join NCP-MI-Kalamazoo. Designed for those that have cases in Kalamazoo county or people who live in the county.
Online custody-tracking and management service that helps stop visitation interference, allows easy documenting of divorce and custody related events, and provides information for use in court.

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Divorce is your total online divorce resource for info and advice on divorce laws, child custody, alimony, support services.
Are you facing a divorce?
Locate a qualified Divorce Lawyer in your area through our nationwide network or divorce lawyers.
A site dedicated to divorce "self defense"
State-by-state divorce information, products & services.
Divorce - Your #1 Divorce Directory Site
Divorce Advice & Mediation - Divorce articles and resources
Divorce Advice For Women
Divorce information and resources for women covering the divorce process, with articles on child custody and support, separation, and mediation, as well as advice for coping with divorce and starting over.
Divorce HQ
Divorce Headquarters. Your source for all divorce issues including alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, financial, divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, divorce services, free child support calculator, and more.
Divorce Lawyers
Find Lawyers or Law Firms specializing in Divorce law. Cases including Pre Nuptial Rights, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony Law, Visitation Rights, Contested Divorce and Absolute Divorce.
Divorce Lawyers Chicago
Chicago divorce law firm handling all aspects of divorce and family law cases.
Divorce Magazine
Divorce Magazine is a compassionate self-help resource for people in need of information about separation and divorce. Helpful articles, relevant professional listings and links, discussion forum, free newsletter, a high-quality printed magazine, and more.
Divorce Resources for a Smoother Divorce
Divorce Advice articles and resources.
Divorce Software
DivorceSoftware: Extensive help for people dealing with divorce. Calculators and Software for divorce finances. Lawyer listings. Divorce laws. Financial issues, child support and alimony.
keeping divorce information simple
Your source for all divorce issues including alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, financial, divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, divorce services, free child support calculator, and more. is here to help you survive your divorce with some money in your pocket and your dignity intact
State and Federal Divorce Law Directory Center
a comprehensive state-by-state divorce informational network.
The divorce information page of the internet.
Divorce is a mess- an emotional, financial and legal disaster. On this site, we set about turning chaos into order. Your hosts have been through divorce and provide free email answers to your nonlegal divorce questions, free cassette tapes with request for a bumper sticker, books and related reading material with practical suggestions for surviving the rubble.
Maryland Divorce Lawyers
A nationally recognized law firm with offices in the Washington, D.C. and Metro area, with affiliate offices in Atlanta and San Francisco.
Divorce lawyers and attorneys developed site dedicated to providing information and help on divorce law, child custody, divorce papers, forms and other issues concerning family law.
Need A Divorce
All about divorce.
Texas Divroce Forms
An on-line book with complete forms and information for your Texas divorce.
The Divorce Forum
Professional input on divorce issues including legal, family therapy, children, financial with seminars, workshops, and support for men, women, and mediators.
The Divorce Resource Center
The #1 resource on the web for everything divorce related!
The Divorce Support Page
A support site for people experiencing, divorce, dissolution, separation, custody, alimony, visitation, etc. Divorce professionals to help you in your area.
Washington Divorce
Offers preparation of all required Washington divorce forms online. Includes articles and information about divorce in Washington State.
Women Coping With Divorce : Online Resource Centre For Women.
Divorce online advice center for women on coping with divorce and to help save marriage.

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Help for Dads

Child support information for Fathers
Lower your child support and spend more time with your kids once you master simple techniques any father can learn.
"Dedicated to assisting fathers in parenting issues and helping them through a support group network"
Where real fathers talk about real fatherhood.
Single Dad is a leading source of experience, recommendations, inspiration and advice for dads - delivered from the male perspective.

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77 Investigations Inc. - Private Investigators
Private Investigators - Unlisted phone numbers, Background Checks, Special Information
Massachusetts Private Investigations: Discovery Services, Private Investigators
Massachusetts investigators specializing in surveillance, locates and discrete inquiries since 1993. Professional investigations tailored to your specific needs and conducted in a cost-effective manner. Serving MA, CT and RI. "Get the Truth. Get the Proof"
Peace of Mind Private Investigators
Infidelity, Domestic and Insurance Fraud Surveillance Specialists in New Jersey. Professional surveillance provided utilizing technology, experience and street savvy.
Piengine - investigator directory
private investigators & detectives search, investigation resources and Pi Forum.
Private investigators Nationwide Service
Robert D. Barke & Associates
Since 1981 we have combined state of the art equipment with years of experience to produce the best possible results. We serve all of Michigan from locations in Macomb, Roscommon & Mackinac counties.(800) 282-6161
Seven-Day Detective
Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC Committed to helping people in crisis since 1961. Author The More You Know - Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship. Don't be the last to know.
Free resources for investigators and the #1 Source for links to Free Public Records.

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Misc. Sites

Aluminum atomic weight, density, state and more at - chemical elements and forum.
Boarding Schools
Resources for parents looking to place their troubled teen in a specialty boarding school.
Brace And Therapy
Products for the Ankle, Knee, Back, and More
Britax car seats
Looking for the best deals on baby products? Find thousands of baby products and accessories in stock ready to ship right away at the web's largest selection of all your baby needs. - Comprehensive United States of America's Web Directory
Complete Labor Law Posters
Employment law requires that employers post mandatory labor law posters. Our complete labor law poster combines the mandated state, federal and OSHA posters on one poster.
Corner Stork Baby Gifts
Buy baby gifts, baby shower gifts and personalized baby gifts. Each new baby gift is a unique baby gift idea.
Pre Employment Background screening
DataCheck, Inc., a full service pre-employment background screening company assists hiring managers, business owners, and human resources departments make sound hiring decisions.

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Family Friendly Sites
Find approved websites and destinations that support online safety of family members using the internet.
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Practical Tips, resources, and online bookstore for parents.
Parenting Time Calendar
An easy to use program for developing Parenting Time/Child Visitation schedules with overnight stays and day visits in true calendar format. Includes counters, percentages, quality time and more.
Putting Kids First
A nonprofit organization for divorcing and separating parents that addresses the needs of children during the divorce process and beyond. Features the only online court approved co-parenting course.
Teen Education
Information and articles for teen parenting,troubled teens,teen education, teen boot camps.Also provide parents to offer their views about military schools,boarding schools and parenting issues.

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American Paternity
American Paternity Test Center offers reliable home DNA paternity testing for our stare-of-the-art DNA testing laboratory.
Build your own website
Learn how to build your own website with a few clicks. We take care that the content and features of our site are regularly monitored. an ideal site for families, church groups and membership clubs.
Home Paternity Testing Corportation
Home Paternity works with the largest, most trusted DNA laboratories in the world to bring you unmatched service and reliability for taking in-home paternity tests.

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Single Parenting

A Mom's Love
A Moms Love is a monthly online magazine full of insightful articles. A Moms Love supports all moms with pages for stay at home, work at home, single and working moms.
Making Lemonade
The single parent network
A resource for single parents including: articles, recipes and forums.
Single Parents Network
A single parent web community geared to single parents resources, information, and discussions, combined with the largest single parenting social club just for single parents. is a FREE Website. To create a home for all Single Mothers' needs. To serve as support assistance to Single Moms with our "Financial Gifting Program". A support system to share, guide, learn, from experts and from the experience of other single mothers. To help these single Moms to get back on their feet. - The best and largest dating place for single parents in the world. is the premiere resource for single mothers providing support for single moms since 1995.
A community for single parents

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Our clients say...

I want to thank you for doing a job neither the local child support office nor my attorney could accomplish, not only making it possible for my children to receive child support payments on a regular basis now, but also collecting the back support owed to me from a deadbeat dad.
- Robin B., California
Collected $14,000

I had exhausted all courts and literally hit a dead end. I was even told by the Clerk of the Court that I had no further recourse to collect support from my ex-husband, a deadbeat dad. Through your devoted efforts and your highly specialized team, payments started and are continuing.
- Sara G., Florida
Collected $20,000

I thought I would never see a dime of what was owed in back child support... After talking with a Support Collector representative, I felt more at ease and very comfortable with them handling my case...I never missed a day of work appearing in court...I have been very happy with the proceedings and the outcome of, what I thought, would never come to be. I have and continue to refer people to Support Collectors.
- Melissa M., Illinois
Collected $16,000