Privacy & Security

Protecting your privacy and the security of your personal information is of extreme importance to Support Collectors. We believe that if you have entrusted us with the responsibility of collecting your support, we have an ethical and absolute commitment to ensure that you can do so without worry.


There are two basic types of information that is shared on the internet. The first is anonymous information that is collected in the background when you visit a website. The second is personally identifiable information that you provide. Support Collectors does collect both types of information with the goal being to maximize your experience on our website and to provide you the most innovative services available. We believe it is important that you know how and why this is done.

Anonymous Information

When you visit most websites, including , certain basic information is shared that we call "anonymous" because it cannot be used to identify you personally. This is done with "cookie" technology which has become an integral part of how the Web works today.

A cookie is tiny text file that allows our website to identify your browser. They cannot search your computer, run programs or otherwise locate any personal information about your identity. Their use is simply to help us understand which parts of our website are most popular, where our visitors are going, and how long they spend there. This is valuable information we can use to figure out what works and what doesn't work on our website so we can continue to make upgrades that will make your future visits even better.

We also use third-party web beacons from Yahoo! A web beacon is an electronic file that allows access to certain cookies and counts users who have visited particular pages. No personally identifiable information about you is obtained or shared with other companies. The information we gather from the web beacons helps us determine how to best reach out to other parent like you who need help collecting their support. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Yahoo!, click here.

Personally Identifiable Information

When you apply for Support Collectors' services, we ask for information about you and your case. How much of this information you provide is completely up to you, but some of the information is necessary for us to move forward with enforcement of your case. Other information is optional, but from experience we know it can be very helpful to our efforts. While it may seem like we ask for a lot of information, be assured that we are asking only for information that is absolutely necessary. Support Collectors has extensively reviewed its application to ensure that only questions that are completely relevant are asked.

Protecting your Personal Information

Support Collectors protects the security of the personal information you provide us with electronic and physical safeguards and company policies and procedures.

The Support Collectors' website uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all web pages where you have the option to provide personal information. SSL allows our website and your browser to have a secure exchange of information by encrypting, or "scrambling" the data that is sent and received. You can tell when the web page you are on is encrypted by the small padlock symbol that appears at the bottom of your screen. This is the same type of protection you have when you make credit card purchases on-line.

Support Collectors keeps records about your case in both electronic and physical files. The electronic files are accessible to some of our employees via password-protected computers. Likewise, the physical files are accessible to some of our employees and are kept in a secure, locked area.

It is strict policy at Support Collectors that only employees who have a real "need to know" in order to work your case have access to files containing your case information. They will protect your personal information in accordance with the Support Collectors Privacy Policy.

Commitment to Your Privacy

It is our commitment to you that Support Collectors will take exceptional care protecting your privacy. Each of Support Collectors' employees is required to understand and abide by the following Privacy Policy:

Our clients say...

Support Collectors was efficient (always returning my calls promptly), understanding, supportive, fair, and, most importantly, successful. I recommend you highly and am looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Thanks, for everything.
- Julie S., Texas
Collected $20,000

I had exhausted all courts and literally hit a dead end. I was even told by the Clerk of the Court that I had no further recourse to collect support from my ex-husband, a deadbeat dad. Through your devoted efforts and your highly specialized team, payments started and are continuing.
- Sara G., Florida
Collected $20,000

Thank you so much for your help in getting the child support payments my daughter deserves! I only wish I would not have waited so long to contact you for assistance. You succeeded when everyone else had failed.

Don't try to handle this problem on your own with the department of child support services who are drowning in a sea of paperwork, let Support Collectors take care of you personally. The best part is that you don't owe them anything until they get payments for you and believe me, it is worth every penny.
- Teresa H., Illinois
Collected $26,000

I am writing to personally thank you for the outstanding job you've done while working on my case. In the beginning I was skeptical of what could actually be done by you or anyone. Before contacting your agency, I had already jumped the usual hoops of going through the county and even hiring my own lawyer to get support enforced.

When I contacted your company, I had viewed it as my last option with nowhere to turn to for help that was within my means...It wasn't until the economic shift of the downsizing trend affected me and left me without a job, that I truly felt helpless. Then you stepped in, and got results within a few weeks!

I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work, and the immediacy of getting the ball rolling in the beginning where I actually got a monthly check! As you know, recently you were able to secure a lump sum settlement resulting in a $20,000.00 check! AMAZING!
- Laura H., Indiana
Collected $20,000